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October 28, 2012

Apple iTunes now carrying The Vortex

We are pleased to announce that the Apple iTunes store is now offering eGenesis Media ePubs and apps including The Vortex.  Enjoy your favorite interactive fiction on your iPad, iPad mini, iPod and/or iPhone.


Sept 20, 2012

Slayground signs on for the Castle Darkholm theme song

We are pleased to announce that the rock band Slayground has signed on to compose and perform the title theme song for our upcoming interactive fiction title Castle Darkholm.

For Additional information on the music of Slayground checkout their facebook page at


July 1,, 2012

Google Play joins eGenesis Media as a distributor

eGenesis Media is pleased to announce that our ePubs and apps are now available through the Google Play store.  This means that our titles are now easily accessible on the new Google Nexus 7 Tablet as well as on any Android device capable of purchasing products through Google Play.


February 1,, 2011

Kobo book store now selling eGenesis Media titles

Kobo bookstore is now offering eGenesis Media titles on their entire range of eReading devices including the Kobo mini, Kobo Glo, Kobo Touch, Kobo Vox and the latest Kobo Arc.  You can also enjoy our ePubs on tyour desktop or notebook computer using the Kobo Reading app.


December 1,, 2011

Barnes & Noble to distribute eGenesis Media titles

eGenesis Media is very excited to add Barnes & Noble to our growing list of fine online retailers.  Our ePubs are now available on all Nook devices including the: Nook 1st Edition, Nook Touch, Nook with Glowlight, Nook Color, Nook Tablets, and Nook Reading apps.


December 1,, 2011

eGenesis Media titles are now available from the #1 game web site,

The #1 source for online role playing games and game related fiction is now offering eGenesis Media products including The Vortex.


November 30, 2011 joins eGenesis Media as an online retailer

For our customers that like to purchase from a device netral store, eGenesis Media is now making our products available through the online retailer.  OmniLite considers itself  The bookstore on the corner of your digital neighborhood..


The latest information from eGenesis Media

December,  15, 2013

eGenesis Media introduces interactive fiction

in the gothic horror genre.

eGenesis Media, developers of ePub gamebooks, has announced a new interactive book title, Castle Darkholm.  This work, the second title in the Legendary Journeys series, is available for eReaders and tablets including the Nooks, Kindles, Kobos, and iPads.

Darkholm combines classic elements of both Text Adventure games and Choose Your Own Adventure books to provide an interactive quest that will engage, frighten and entertain the reader.  Castle Darkholm utilizes features of the text adventure game genre and brings them to the world of ePubs.  The reader must collect, discard, and use the numerous items discovered throughout the game to ultimately solve the quest.  This is a gamebook where the reader\player’s actions are crucial to survival.  Darkholm provides an extensive location oriented environment within which mysteries, puzzles, and inhabitants are encountered.  This is a work of modern interactive fiction designed for today’s eReaders and tablets.

Content Advisory: This is a gothic horror story and contains examples of blood, gore and intense violence and may not be suitable for some readers.  While you are the hero, you will encounter the darker elements of humanity’s fears.   Parental guidance for younger readers is encouraged.

With over three thousand pages, five thousand hyperlinks, numerous choices to make, multiple items to collect and manipulate, Castle Darkholm is more than a simple linear book reading experience. It uses branching interactive hyperlinks to turn eReaders and tablets into full interactive e-books complete with bookmarks (for game saves), and an inventory of the items you find and use in the story.

Castle Darkholm is available for download through the Nook, Kindle, Kobo, iTunes, Google Play, DriveThruFiction, and OmniLit Stores.  It mfg suggested price is USD $7.99.

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